About Saturday’s Sirens

“…We eat dandelions, imagine ourselves as strong, as new as the words sung to us by the voices we love, as if they were angels or mermaids or goddesses. I should just call them goddesses.”

-Liza Wolff-Francis

From her poem At the holy ground.


Saturday’s Sirens aka The Poets photograph from August 2019. Pictured from left to right are Katrina, Gina, Liza, and Emily.

ABOUT SATURDAY’S SIRENS: POETRY SALON IN NEW MEXICO We are four female poets living and working in New Mexico (also known as The Land of Enchantment). We have been writing in this group for four years now. The group was founded by Katrina K Guarascio and Gina Marselle, but over the last few years other writers have joined us, and we value each other as equals. Members also include Liza Wolff-Francis, Emily Bjustrom, and Maxine Peseke. We sometimes open up our group and invite other writers to participate or be a guest, but in the end we are the four who are dedicated to this group and our craft. We call ourselves Saturday’s Sirens. We try to meet monthly and don’t always meet on Saturdays, sometimes it is a Thursday evening or a Sunday morning, but when we do meet, we write and more importantly we laugh and sometimes cry. We develop prompts and write from them, we share with each other as we have grown to love and trust one another. Poems posted on this site are created from these workshops. Once finalized, we upload them here for publication. Notwithstanding, we all want to write more, edit our work, and maybe even publish work locally, nationally, and/or even globally. We feel honored to write with each other because each member brings honesty, trust, and brilliance to the group. Biographies for each poet are on the top menu, and we invite you to discover each and our personal intent and visions. It is noted that “Aristotle describe[s] poetry as the most philosophical of all writing because poetry’s object is general truth and experience…Ordinary experience is the first and last of all knowledge.” Thank you for visiting and supporting our poetry. Finally, we hope you find some inspiration. Respectfully, Emily, Gina, Katrina, Liza, and Maxine