Tell me the sky

by Gina Marselle


Tell me the sky…

Tell me the sky 

isn’t carved 

from lapis lazuli,

and I’ll tell you 

the clouds are not 

God’s whispered breath.

Butterflies dream 

in the quiet breeze, 

fluttering without fear. 

Their time is limited,

and they do not cry 

or feel pain. 

The birds chirp happily 

welcoming in the warmth. 

The sun is Joy 

wrapped in yellow.

Quiet city sounds 

in the distance, 

Humming of vehicles.

The quiet sounds of a neighborhood—

A few hellos, 

Someone watering their yard.

A jogger.

The postal carrier 

bringing the mail. 

A dog barking.

I welcome this 

tranquil moment  

it is as if 

the universe knows 

I’d need nothing.

Published by

gina marselle

Gina Marselle resides in New Mexico with her family. She is a teacher, poet, and photographer. She owns a rescue horse, dog, and currently is training her own service dog to help her with her disabilities. She has published a number of poems and photographs in many local anthologies and has a full length published book titled, A Fire of Prayer: A Collection of Poetry and Photography (Swimming with Elephants Publications, 2015). You can purchase her book online from Amazon: Follow her on social media on Instagram @musings_by_gina. Follow her service dog and their journey on Instagram @be_like_wulf_gsd

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